Our Student Reviews

Ms. Chhaya (enrolled 6/2018)

 "Yourpath for Adult Learners has been a blessing to my life.  I have been out of school for a very long time and was searching for a program to get into and finish my education.  While attending Yourpath I have learned so much in a few short months.  The courses are easy to understand and the teachers are very helpful and inspiring to help you get through.   I highly recommend Yourpath to anyone who wants to finish their education.  The program alone is very great and if you need extra help, they have tutoring and just overall support.   I love Yourpath!  It has changed my life tremendously! ❤ "

Ms. Jacqueline (enrolled 11/2018)

 "I have been out of school for some years.  It was hard at first, but now, I can see myself finishing school.   It's a great program!  They have ways to help you finish and help you with college, if you plan on going. "

Mrs. Billi (2/2019)

 "I would definitely recommend this program to other people that I know because it seems to be an awesome program for adults who want to go back and get a diploma. My experience so far has been really good. The teacher is very helpful and the other members are very nice and respectful."

Ms. Ashley (3/2019)

"I would recommend Yourpath to anyone who is looking to finish their education.  I am so very grateful for the opportunity to get the help I need in order to be successful."

Mrs. Raylene (4/2019)

 "I definitely recommend this program if you have been out of school a while or are a busy mom who struggles to find time.   From what I can tell, there is a big support system in this program and a lot of awesome women willing to help. I love that we are held accountable and that someone has expectations for us! This will definitely make me work harder. "

Ms. Shaquita (7/2019)

 "I would recommend this program for any adult that wants to go back and finish school.  They do care about your education - getting you a better future!"

Ms. Demonica (7/2019)

"At YOURpath, you get to learn at your own pace.  You get good feedback from your teacher.  The teacher helps you each step of the way.  It's fun and creative!"

Mr. Fitzroy (8/2019)

"If you are willing to work and succeed, then this is the place that you'll want to be.   YOURpath is goal oriented.  They want to see you succeed...!"

Mr. Tyrone (8/2019)

"It is a very good experience and good program to be a part of.   They are helpful in all areas of the work. Plus, they make sure you are consistent in your work."