Meet The founder

  • Hello!  My name is Dr. Artis, Ed.D.  I am the Founder of YOURpath for Adult Learners, originated in 2015.  I was lead to start YOURpath after realizing my niche in the field of education i.e. working with adult learners.  After serving as the department head i.e. Career Education Manager/Disability Coordinator of an Alternative Education/Job Training Program, I realized that I was gifted at working with at-risk young adults, seeking to earn their high school credential.  During my tenure there, I was fortunate to change the lives of so many young adults, as I witnessed hundreds of them earn their high school credential through state testing e.g. General Development Education (GED) and Online H.S. Courses. What I knew about my students is that they wanted their diploma, so my job was to create the path for them to receive it.  It was at this time that I became an advocate for alternative education; understanding that one track does not fit all students/learners. There must be a variety of means by which a high school diploma can be achieved and recognized.


                   About My Credentials


  • Having had the experience of being a teenage mother, I was fortunate to overcome the statistics. I graduated from high school and worked fulltime while I attended the University of the District of Columbia, as a part-time student. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Biology science with the aspiration of attending medical school, but life’s path had another plan. I enrolled onto the path of education administration, earning my master’s degree from Trinity Washington University, formerly Trinity College.  I went onto earn my doctorate degree at Delaware State University, majoring in Educational Leadership.  I currently hold a license in school administration (levels I and II with special education ancillary credits) and an active role in teacher credentialing and student testing and assessment.  I have diligently served as a teacher and instructional leader in both private and public educational sectors (across grade levels, from elementary to adult education) for well over seventeen years.  I believe that education is a journey onto finding our path in life, hence the name “YOURpath.” We are all Lifelong Learners!

  •  To view Dr. Artis' credentials and read more about her accomplishments in adult education i.e. student high school diploma/GED attainments and Literacy/Numeracy outcomes, you can access the documents below.