Meet The founder

  • Hello!  My name is Dr. Artis, Ed.D.  I am the Founder of YOURpath for Adult Learners, originated in 2015.  I was lead to start YOURpath after realizing my niche in the field of education i.e. working with adult learners.  My philosophy: I believe that education is a journey onto finding our path in life, hence the name “YOURpath.” We are all Lifelong Learners! 

                Professional Biography:    

  • Dr. Artis earned her bachelor’s degree in 2001 from the University of the District of Columbia and embarked on her career in education during the same year.   As of today, she has dedicated 19 years in field of education.   She has worked in both private and public school education.  She started her career as a private school Kindergarten teacher, where she quickly realized was not quite her niche.  She then went on teach 2nd and 5th graders as a self-contained teacher before being offered a position with the Philadelphia Public School District, where she taught at Grover Washington Middle School (2003).  There, she taught 6th and 7th graders as both a self-contained teacher and a partnered teacher.  She witnessed substantial student achievements in students’ classroom progress, benchmark results and PSSA scores.  She fostered positive collaborative relationships with all stakeholders, including parents.  Her students admired and respected her, and she was highly recognized by leadership and colleagues for her effective classroom management.  Dr. Artis presided over the School’s Chapter National Junior’s Honor Society and was a member of the school’s leadership team. Dr. Artis earned her Master Degree in Science Administration in Education (MSA in Edu.) from Trinity Washington University (2004), formerly Trinity College during her career with the Philadelphia Public School District.  In 2009, Dr. Artis became the Career Education Manager/Disability Coordinator at the Woodstock Job Corps Center, where she led by example.  Within two years of service, Dr. Artis had increased the academics department’s operation measurement production (OMP) by 83%, moving the department’s ranking from 83rd to 2nd position among the Department of Labor’s 123 National Job Corps Centers.  Dr. Artis attributes these results to her ability to gain teachers’ trust and buy in to implement the changes that needed to occur within the department to improve student’s mathematics/literacy TABE achievement results, GED/Online H.S. Diploma attainment results and student’s career success standards outcomes.  Dr. Artis was recognized by leadership and staff for her abilities and gifted talents to effectively assess the needs of her department; to devise a plan of action; and to implement, revise and re-evaluate that plan to manifest substantial student achievement outcomes.  Dr. Artis, an advocate of professional development, continued pursuing her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership, for which she earned in May, 2012.   Since then, Dr. Artis has continued to develop her knowledge, skills and expertise in other capacities to promote student achievement such as in student assessments and leadership development.  Dr. Artis currently holds a school license in Administration, Levels I and II with special education (MSDE). 

  • To view Dr. Artis' credentials and read more about her accomplishments in adult education i.e. student high school diploma/GED attainments and Literacy/Numeracy outcomes, you can access the documents below.