Our Program in a "Nutshell"

This presentation gives you an overview of our program and its entirety.  Find out how our students rated us on their student satisfaction survey!

student progress conference

Here's a "Live" Progress Conference with one of our top performing students who has shown her commitment and determination towards earning her high school equivalency diploma since she enrolled in the program in June 2018.  Since then, she has completed most of her reading content subject-areas, showing test-readiness in nearly three subjects in only 3 months.

Group Instruction: "Let's Talk Math"

In addition to students having access to their own personalized lesson plan (per subject) and having access to TABE skills building courses, we also offer our students who struggle with math additional help through our group instruction.  All lessons are aligned with what students are learning in their personalized lesson plans and are intended to reinforce these lessons so that students are prepared to PASS their GED or HiSET exam.

Ged/hiset: let's focus on the test!

Our students can follow us on YouTube for our Quick, "Focus on the Test" Mini Lessons, where they can review concepts of lessons; learn how to solve problems quickly and apply test-taking skills for the best results.    

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multiplication flashcards

Multiplication is the foundation for advanced mathematical skills. In order to successfully solve advanced math problems, students must have a strong foundation in math.  Our flashcards help our struggling students to learn and memorize multiplication fast so that they can perform advanced math problems on their test with greater ease.  

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Learn Tips & Strategies on how to pass your test

Our students can apply these helpful test-taking tips and strategies while preparing for and taking their official GED or HiSET exam.  These recommendations are sure to increase students' chances of passing their official state test! 

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